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Landscaping for us is much like a blank canvas is to a painter. Nothing brings out the true brilliance of your home and has the neighborhood talking more than a great yard. Landscaping is an art and, if done right, can transform an ordinary lawn into a masterpiece that makes a statement all year long. We pride ourselves on award-winning lawns that make your home a joyful and elegant masterpiece.


Mulch or ground cover is the backbone of any perfectly manicured lawn. Though many people never think about the ground cover, it is an important part of the life cycle to good lawn care. When you curl up in bed to go to sleep at night, you might pull your favorite comforter or blanket up to keep in the warmth and regulate temperature. Likewise, ground cover is a layer of organic or inorganic material that is spread on top of the soil in flowerbeds and around trees. Not only does it look good, but it is also full of nutrients and has many important properties such as preventing soil erosion, maintaining moisture, and preventing weed growth.

We have access to a variety of mulches and rocks that come in many different colors that can enhance the look of your plants and landscape. We also know how to properly apply different mulching materials that can serve many purposes depending on the plants or seasons. Let us help you design your dream landscape by selecting the right type of mulch and rock materials for your landscaping.


We love landscape projects and love to come up with fresh and innovative landscape designs and installation ideas. From design to completion, we will not only deliver a project that will exceed your expectations but will leave you smiling. We will work with you closely to take your ideas and mash them up with ours, for a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. We will educate you throughout the entire process, hand-pick materials, stick to your budget and deliver results in a timely manner.


A message from Family Lawn & Landscaping

We always take great pride in seeing a happy client at the end of all of our projects. Every project is a blank canvas to us and excites us greatly to have the opportunity to work one on one with each client to create their own very unique work of art.

Every project is customized to meet each clients needs and takes time, hard work, organized planning, and execution. At the end of the day, a smile, a new relationship, and a good referral are all I could ever ask for or live for!

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