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Pruning is a fine art. Proper pruning can enhance the beauty of your landscaping, The improper pruning of a shrub can be far more detrimental. Plants and shrubs can be an expensive investment for your landscape so its important that you call the right people to maintain them.

No one likes a jungle

Essentially, pruning is the removal of plant parts that are dead, ineffective or have no use to the plant. Pruning allows the plant to put more energy into new flowers, fruits, or limbs that are healthy. Pruning also adds an artistic look to your landscaping. Without pruning, your perfectly designed landscape bed will soon be overgrown. Our landscape technicians are trained to prune several different types of shrubs. If pruning is neglected, the beauty of your landscape and plant health can be compromised. Let us help you protect your investment and add value, potential, and life to your plants.



Key Benefits of Pruning

  Maintain size or shape
  Promote flowering
  Minimize disease occurrence.
  Remove weak , dead, or low lumbs.